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Pinto Baseball Season Highlights


Saturday, June 3rd
Paradise Pet Salon 9, City Wide Mattress 7
Paradise got on the board early thanks to some big hits from Casey Knowles (1-3), Howie Porath (1-2, Triple), Grayor Feeney (2-2, Double), Brody Hibner (1-1, Triple) and would go on to increase their lead via 10 HBP in the span of 2 innings. City Wide made it close with a 6 run 5th starring Santino Capodice (1-2), Joey Chiappini (1-2, Triple), Braylin Caldwell (1-2, Home Run), Tyler Ebel (1-2, Triple), Gianna Caldwell (1-2) and Pauly Koceck (1-2), but ultimately fell just short. Paradise Pitchers: Porath (5K), Feeney (6K), CJ Walton (3K). City Wide Pitchers: Caldwell (6K), Johnny Partridge (2K), Ebel, Chiappini (2K), Diego Caldera (1K).

Carey Financial 18, Tri-K 0
Hitting for Carey's were Robles 3-3 RBI, Meyer 2-2(2b, 2rbi), Marlow 3-3(2b, 2rbi), E. Carter 2-2(3b,2rbi), Klein 2-2(3rbi), Hoover, Morris, & Rouskey RBI. Pitching for Carey's were: E. Carter 4K, Carter Morris 3k & Janeczak 3k. Hitting for Tri-K was: Grey. Pitching for Tri-K were: Shaw 5k, Mayfield 2k & Lee 2k.

Bleuer Farms 10, Bedinger Bullpen 5
It was a hot day for baseball but the heat didn't stop these young players from coming out and playing a great game of baseball. Pitching Highlights from the Visitor's Side was Landon Sopkin (2 innings, 5K's), Quinn Schiffbauer (2 innings, 3 K's) and Jase Cook (1inning, 2 K's). Pitching for Bedinger's Bullpen (Home Team) was Alex Workman (2 innings, 4 K's), Dougie Bedinger (1 inning), Kyle Rauen (2 innings, 5 K's). Bringing the hitting sticks to the plate from Bleuer Farms was Eli Worthington (2-2 with 2 singles), Will DeWalt (1-1 with 2 walks), Jase Cook (2-2 with an inside the park Homerun and a single), Gage Taylor (1-1 with a Single), and Austin Eckert (1-2 with a Single). Batting for Bedinger's Bullpen was Logan Demarco (1-3 with a Single), Keegan Castagnoli (2-2 with 2 singles), Dougie Bedinger (1-2 with a Double), and Alex Workman (1-1 with a Double). Great Game Boys!

Thursday, June 1st
Carey Financial 10, Bleuer Farms 3
Hitting for Carey's were: Robles 1-2, Meyer 1-1(dbl, rbi), Marlow 2-2(HR, 4rbi), Klein 1-2(rbi), Janeczak 1-1, and a big day at plate is Carter Morris 2-2(HR,4rbi). Pitching for Carey's were: Klein 4k, E. Carter, Marlow 5k & Meyer 6k. Hitting for Bleuer were: Worthington 1-1, Dewalt 2-3, Cook1-3 & Schiffbauer 1-2. Pitching for Bleuer were: Cook 6k, Worthington 4k & Sopkin 3k.

Wednesday, May 31st
Paradise Pet Salon 11,
Bedinger's Bullpen 10
Hitting for Paradise: Kiptyn Bleuer (1-1), Howie Porath (2-2, Double), Jackson Watson (2-2), Grayor Feeney (2-2), Coye Hefner (1-2, Double) and Brody Hibner (2-2). Bedinger’s Hitters: Gavin Denton (1-3), Keegan Castagnoli (1-3), Kyle Rauen Jr (2-3, Double), Liam Holford (1-3) and Logan DeMarco (2-3). Pitching for Paradise: Watson (6K), Feeney (2K), Bleuer, Porath (6K), Casey Knowles and Cary Terrill (1K). Bullpen Pitchers: Castagnoli (4K), Rauen Jr (4K), Persha and Denton.

Tuesday, May 30th
City Wide Mattress 10,
Von Holten Eye Care 8
Wow! What an exciting game. Lots of hits and some truly awesome plays on the field tonight. City Wide started the scoring in the top of the 1st when Santino Capodice hit a single and Joey Chiappini hit a triple. Johnny Partridge's single in the top of the 2nd added to City Wide's runs. In the bottom of the 2nd, Von Holten Eye Care threatened with a couple base runners but Santino Capodice (as catcher) made a few incredible throws gunning 2 players out at second base. Von Holten Eye Care came alive in the bottom of the 4th with Dale Larson's single, Ben Clark's double, Cole Clower's single and Tom Mendoza's single. Then after holding City Wide scoreless in the 5th, Kyle Green and Cole Clower's single's brought the score closer. Outstanding pitching in the 6th lead to City Wide's win. Stats for City Wide: Santino Capodice (1-2,2BB), Joey Chiappini (1-2, Tpl,2BB, 2RBI), Johnny Partridge (1-1,2BB,2RBI,4K), Rylan Walsh (1-1,2BB,2RBI), Braylin Caldwell (1-2,BB,2RBI,1K), Tyler Ebel (0-1,2BB,1RBI,4K), Brooks McKay (0-2,BB,1RBI), Sean O'Toole (2-3) and Diego Caldera (0-2,BB,4K). Stats for Von Holten Eye Care: Kyle Green (1-2,BB,1RBI,2K), Dale Larson (2-3,1RBI,5K), Ben Clark (1-3,Dbl,2RBI), Cole Clower (2-3,2RBI,5K), Tom Mendoza (2-3,1RBI), Carter Matejka (0-2,BB,2K) and Tyler Allen (0-1,BB,1RBI).

Thursday, May 25th
Carey Financial 14,
City Wide Mattress 4
Stats for the game: Hitting for Carey were: Robles 1-1 rbi, Meyer 3-3 (3b & 4rbi), Marlow 3-3 (3b, 3rbi), E.Carter 1-1, Morris 1-2, 2rbi & Garret Carlson. Pitching for Carey were: Meyer 6k, Klein 2k & Janeczak 3k. Hitting for City Wide Mattress were: Caldera 1-1, Partridge 1-1(2b), Ebel 1-1 & Caldwell 1-1. Pitching for Citywide were: McKay 1k , O'Toole, Walsh, Kocek 3k, G. Caldwell 2k & Caldwell.

Wednesday, May 24th
Bleuer Farms 13,
Von Holten Eye Care 8
With a close game on Monday both teams came out Wednesday and ready to play with Bleuer Farms winning this dual. Pitching for Bleuer Farms was Jase Cook (2 innings, 5 strike outs), Eli Worthington (2 innings, 4 strike outs), Quinn Schiffbauer (1 inning, 2 strike outs), and Austin Eckert (1 inning, 2 strike outs). Pitching for Von Holten was Carter Matejka (2 innings, 3 strike outs), Cole Clower (1 inning), Kyle Green (1 1/3rd innings, 3 strike outs), and Dale Larson (1 2/3rd innings, 2 strike outs). Bleuer Farms had the bats on fire with Eli Worthington (2 for 4 with contact made at all 4 at bats), Landon Sopkin (2 for 3 with a walk and contact made at all 3 at bats), Jase Cook (2 for 2 and 2 walks), Gage Taylor (3 for 3 with 2 singles, a double and a walk), and Quinn Schiffbauer (1 for 1 with a single, 2 Hit by Pitch and a walk). Von Holten also did well at the plate with Kyle Green (2 for 2 single, double, and a walk), Dale Larson (2 for 2 single, triple, and a walk), Ben Clark (1 for 2, single and a walk), Cole Clower (1 for 2, double and a walk), Thomas Mendoza (1 for 2, single, fielders choice and a walk), and Brennan Deering (1 for 2, single, and a walk). Both Bleuer Farms and Von Holten baseball teams had a great games and congrats to all players tonight. This was a Great Game!!

Thursday, May 18th
Carey Financial 12, Von Holten 6
Stats for Game: Hitting for Carey were: Marlow 1-2 (DBL, 2Rbi), E. Carter 1-1(DBL, 3Rbi) and Janeczak 2-2 (3rbi). Pitching for Carey's were: Robles 2k, Ben Rouskey 3k, Carter Morris 3k, Reed Carey 2k, and Janeczak 3k. Hitting for Von Holten were: Larson 2-2 (DBL, rbi), Clark 1-2,(rbi), T. Mendoza 1-3 and Clower 1-2. Pitching for Von Holtens were: Clark, Clower 4k, Larson 1k , Matejka 1k & Green 2k.

Wednesday, May 17th
Bleuer Farms 11,
Tri K 1
Tri-K came to the plate in the top of the 1st with 3 big hits and 1 run from Cameron Delacruz (double), Georgey Grey (single), and Austin Shaw (single). Blueur Farms came back strong scoring 2 runs in the first inning with a 2 run inside the park homer by Landon Sopkin, and Jase Cook with a nice hit. Tri-K was held to just 2 other hits in the next three innings with Georgey Grey and Austin Shaw both hitting singles (both players 2 for2 with 2 singles on the night). In the 3rd for Bleuer Farms scored 6 runs with a few walks and then 4 nice hits from the meat of the lineup batters (batters 3 thru 6) Landon Sopkin, Jase Cook, Will DeWalt ( all hitting singles) and Gage Taylor hitting a triple to end the inning. Then in the forth, Bleuer Farms came back to the plate with Frank Bertino and Eli Worthington each hitting singles and scoring 3 more runs. Pitching for Bleuer Farms was Eli Worthington (2 innings with 6 strikeouts), Landon Sopkin (1 inning with 2 strike outs), and Quinn Schiffbauer (1 inning with 3 strike outs). Pitching for Tri-K was Austin Shaw (1 inning, 3 strike-outs), Renzo Mayfield (1 inning, 2 strike outs), Georgey Grey (1 inning, 2 strike outs), Brody Stephenson and Brayden Konrath pitching the forth each having 1 strike out.

Tuesday, May 16th
Paradise Pet Salon 6, Von Holten Eye Care 5
A Grayor Feeney (1-1) three run triple would prove to be the difference in this one as Paradise topped Von Holten for the second time in three days. Also hitting for Paradise were Howie Porath (1-1 Triple, RBI) and Daegan Barten (1-1, RBI). Hits for the Vipers came from Ben Clark (1-2), Kyle Green (1-1), Dale Larson (1-2 Triple, RBI), Nathan Bart (1-2 RBI), and Gabriel Koening (1-2). Pitching for Paradise: Coye Hefner (3K), Kiptyn Bleuer (3K) Jackson Watson (3K), Casey Knowles (1K), Porath (2K). Von Holten Pitchers: Carter Matejka (5K), Cole Clower (1K), Larson (1K), Green (2K).

Monday, May 15th
Bedinger's Bullpen 15
, City Wide Mattress 8
Holding the Bullpen to just two runs in the first two innings was Johnny Partridge with 5 strikeouts, followed by Joey Chappini's 2 K's in the third. Tyler Eble took to the rubber in the fourth with 3 K's but the Pen was able to take the lead and never looked back. Hitting for Bedinger's was Denton, Castagnoli (3-3), Workman, Rauen, Bedinger, Holford, Persha, and Smith. City Wide Hitters were Braylin Caldwell, Walsh, Partridge, Caldera, and McKay.

Saturday, May 13th
City Wide Mattress 5, Tri-K 5
What a competitive game! Both teams played with so much heart. Tri-K started the scoring in the top of the 3rd when Colin Zbacnik hit an RBI single. City Wide answered that run in the bottom of the 3rd when Rylan Walsh and Braylin Caldwell both hit for an RBI. In the top of the 4th Tri-k came out determined to re-take the lead: Georgie Grey had an RBI single, Austin Shaw had a 2RBI double and Jaylen Seale also added an RBI single. City Wide did not give up: In the bottom of the 4th Cayden Cook and Gianna Caldwell both earned RBI walks. Then in the bottom of the 5th Tyler Ebel hit earning the tying RBI. Still in the 5th, City Wide continued with passion at the plate but Tri-K wasn't ready to loose this game. Gram Lee made 2 ESPN top 10 plays at 1st base, first a mouth dropping diving catch and second trapping a hard hit grounder stopping City Wide's come back. Stats for City Wide: Rylan Walsh (2-3, RBI), Braylin Caldwell (2-3, RBI, 5K), Johnny Partridge (0-1, 2BB, 3K), Tyler Ebel (1-3, RBI, 1K), Cayden Cook (0-1, RBI), Diego Caldera (0-1, BB, 5K), Gianna Caldwell (0-1, BB, RBI). Stats for Tri-K: Lorenzo Mayfield (3-4), Georgie Grey (2-4, RBI), Austin Shaw (2-3, 2RBI, 3K), Brayden Konrath (1-3), Jaylen Seale (1-1, 2BB, RBI), Colin Zbacnik (1-3, RBI), Carter Kenny (1-2, BB).

Paradise Pet Salon 8, Von Holten Eye Care 2
Von Holten Eye Care game roaring out the gate with back to back singles from “Karl” Green (2-3) and Dale Larson (2-3), immediately followed by three consecutive HBP giving the Vipers a quick 2-0 lead. Paradise’s Howie Porath then came on to pitch and immediately squashed the bases loaded rally by striking out the next three batters on 9 pitches. The Fighting Puppies got on the board in the 3rd when Jackson Watson (1-1) singled home Porath (3-3, Triple, Double). Von Holten remained on top until the 5th when Porath ripped a huge two run go-ahead double. Paradise would blow the game open during a five run 6th, thanks in part to a Kiptyn Bleuer (1-4) RBI single. Pitching for Von Holten: Carter Matejka (6K), Larson (5K), Green (3K) and Brody Fox. Paradise Pitchers: Grayor Feeney, Porath (6K), Watson (6K) and Casey Knowles (3K).

Bleuer Farms 13, Bedinger Bullpen 3
Bleuer Farms came to the game with hot bats and pitching strikes. Pitching for Bleuer Farms was Jase Cook ( 2 innings with 5 k's) and Landon Sopkin ( 2 innings with 6 k's). Pitching for Bedinger Bullpen was Kyle Rauen Jr ( 2 innings with 2 k's), Tommy McClimon ( 2innings with 4 k's) and Alex Workman ( 1 inning). Putting the bat on the ball for Bedinger's Bullpen was Gavin Denton (1 for 2 with a Single), and Keegan Castognoli (1 for 2 with a Single). Bleuer Farms hits came from Eli Worthington (2 for 3 with a single and triple), Will DeWalt (1 for 1 with a single and 2 walks), Brayden Whitfield ( 1 for 1 with a walk), Gage Taylor (1 for 1 with a walk), and Joe Burks Jr. (1 for 2 with a single). Good Game Boys!

Friday, May 12th
Paradise Pet Salon 9, Bedinger’s Bullpen 5
The Bullpen would score in five out of six frames but it wasn’t enough to overcome a few timely hits and solid defense from Paradise Pet Salon. Providing the offense for Paradise were Coye Hefner (2-3), Jackson Watson (1-1 Triple) and Howie Porath (1-2). Hitting for Bedinger’s were Keegan Castagnoli (2-2), Lucas Narducci (1-2) and Kyle Rauen (1-2). Pitching for the Pet Salon were Grayor Feeney (3K), Jackson Watson (3K), Casey Knowles, Kiptyn Bleuer (6K), Cary Terrill (3K) and Kooper Nurczyk (2K). Castagnoli (5K), Workman (3K), Dougie Bedinger (2K), Persha (1K) and Gavin Denton (2K) took the mound for Bedinger’s Bullpen.

Thursday, May 11th
Carey Financial 7, Tri-K 5
Stats for game: Hitting for Carey were: Robles 1-2, Meyer 2-2(HR, 3Rbi) & Klein 1-1. Pitching for Carey's were: E. Carter 6k, Janeczak 2k, Marlow 6k & Meyer 3k. Hitting for Tri-K were: Shaw 1-2, Mayfield 1-3, Lee 1-3, Konrath 1-3 & Grey 2-3. Pitching for Tri-K were: Shaw 4k, Mayfield 3k, Seale K, Lee K & Dela Cruz.

Tuesday, May 9th
City Wide Mattress 11, Von Holten Eye Care 1
Both team brought their patience to the plate tonight. City Wide took the lead early in the bottom of the 1st when Joey Chiappini earned a RBI walk, Johnny Partridge had an RBI single and Tyler Ebel hit a monstrous double racking up 3 RBI's. City Wide kept the lead for the rest of the game. Brody Fox earned Von Holten's only RBI in the top of the 4th. Stats for City Wide: Jon Borracci (1-2, BB), Rylan Walsh (0-1, 2BB, 2K, 1RBI), Gianna Caldwell (0-0, 3BB, 1RBI), Joey Chiappini (0-2, BB, 6K, 1RBI), Johnny Partridge (1-1, 2BB, 3K, 1RBI), Tyler Ebel (1-1, DBL, 2BB, 4RBI), Braylin Caldwell (0-0, 2BB, 1RBI), Brooks McKay (0-0, 2BB, 1RBI), Sean O'Toole (1-1, BB, 1RBI)). Stats for Von Holten's Eye Care: Kyle Green (1-2), Dale Larson (1-2), Tom Mendoza (1-2), Cole Clower (0-0, 2BB, 3K), Benjamin Clark (0-0, 2BB, 1K), Carter Matejka (0-0, 2BB, 3K), Brody Fox (0-0, 2BB, 1K, 1RBI).

Monday, May 8th
Carey Financial 11, Bleuer Farms 2
Pitching for Bleuer were: Jase Cook 2IP, 4k, Landon Sopkin 2IP, 3k & Eli Worthington 2IP.

Saturday, May 6th
Carey Financial 11, Tri-K 1
Stats for game: Hitting for Carey were: Robles 1-2, Meyer 1-2, Marlow 3-3 (2 DBL, 5rbi), E. Carter 2-2(RBI), Klein 2-3(DBL 2 RBI), Janeczak 1-2, Hoover 1-2, Rouskey 1-2 & Carey 2-2. Pitching for Carey were: E. Carter 3k, Klein 2k, Robles 1k, Meyer 6k, Janeczak 1k and Marlow 1k. Hitting for Tri-K were: Grey 1-3, Shaw 1-1 & Lee 1-2. Pitching for Tri-K were: Shaw 4k, Seale 4k & Lee.

Paradise Pet Salon 7, City Wide Mattress 2
A shuffling of the schedule had these two teams facing each other for the second time in 5 days. Channahon Baseball fans were treated to great hitting, pitching and fielding from both teams. Providing the offense for Paradise were Howie Porath (4-4, 5 RBI) and Grayor Feeney (2-2, 2 RBI). Borracci (1-2, RBI) had a big double in the 1st for City Wide, while both Tyler Ebel (1-2) and Caldera (1-3) chipped in with singles. Pitching for City Wide: Caldwell (4K), Ebel (4K) and Partridge (5K). Paradise pitchers: Kiptyn Bleuer (4K), Casey Knowles (4K) and Porath (4K).

Bleuer Farms 6, Von Holten Eye Care 5
Both Bleuer Farms and Von Holten Eye Care brought their artillery of pitching to this game pitching 5 and 4 different players respectively resulting in a pitching dual. Pitching for Bleuer Farms was Jase Cook, Will DeWalt, Austin Eckert, Eli Worthington, and Landon Sopkin totaling 15 Strike outs. Pitching for Von Holten was Carter Matejka, Kyle Green, Cole Clower, and Dale Larson totaling 15 Strike Outs. Bleuer Farms had a few good hits by Landon Sopkin with an inside the park home run and Jase Cook with a double. Von Holten also put the bat to ball with Dale Larson hitting a single and Kyle green hitting a double in the 3rd to keep their rally going totaling all 5 runs. Both Teams played well and it was an exciting game for both teams. Well Done Bleuer Farms and Von Holten Eye Care.

Thursday, May 4th
Carey Financial 6, Paradise Pet Salon 1
Stats for game: Pitching for Carey were E. Carter 2IP 6k, Marlow 2IP 6k, Meyer 1IP 2k and Klein 1IP 3k. Hitting for Carey's were: Robles 2-3, Meyer 1-1(DBL, RBI), Marlow 2-3(HR, 3 RBI), Janeczak 1-3 (RBI), Morris 1-2 (RBI) and Hoover 2-3. Pitching for Paradise were: Feeney 2IP 6k, Porath 2IP 6k and Watson 5k. Hitting for Paradise was: Porath 2-3.

Wednesday, May 3rd
Tri-K 6, VonHolten 6

Tuesday, May 2nd
Paradise Pet Salon 11, City Wide Mattress 0
Both teams toughed out an unseasonably cold night in Channahon, but it was Paradise Pet Salon that showed they are ready in the event that Little League Baseball is ever added to the Winter Olympics. Every Paradise batter reached base in either the 2nd or 3rd inning. Singles from Howie Porath (2-2), Brody Hibner (1-1), Grayor Feeney (1-1) and Cary Terrill (1-1) drove in runs and kept the line moving. Jackson Watson (5K), Kiptyn Bleuer (3K) and Feeney (3K) threw 4 no-hit innings for Paradise. Pitching for City Wide were Jon Borracci (2K), Joey Chiappini and Johnny Partridge (1K).

Monday, May 1st
Tri-K 4, Bedinger Bullpen 3

Thursday, April 27th
Bedinger's Bullpen 11, Von Holten Eye Care 10
Bedinger's Bullpen Pinto defeated Von Holten Eye Care 10-11 on Thursday thanks to a walk-off walk. Down 10-8 going into the fifth, Bullpen's rally started off with Matthew Persha getting caught trying to stretch a single into a double. The boys in red didn't let that slow them down though. They came right back with three singles in a row by Logan DeMarco, Gavin Denton and Liam Holford - based loaded. Dougie Bedinger earned an RBI after being hit by a pitch then Keegan Castagnoli tied the game with a 1 run single. The game was tied at ten when Lucas Narducci walked and earned the game winning RBI. The Von Hoten Vipers showed good patience at the plate reaching base 20 times from base on balls and HBP. Scoring runs for the Vipers were Mendoza (2), Larson (2), Clark, Green (2), Clower, Von Holten and Aaron. An exciting game for all in attendance.

Wednesday, April 26th
Paradise Pet Salon 5,
Tri-K 3
On a night where forecasters were calling for certain thunderstorms it turned out the only thing raining in Channahon were timely hits. Leading the way for Paradise Pet Salon were Howie Porath (2-3 Triple, Home Run), Jackson Watson (1-3 Single), Daegan Barten (1-1 Single), Brody Hibner (1-1 Single), Casey Knowles (1-2 Single) and CJ Walton (1-2 Single). Hitting for Tri-K were Brayden Konrath (1-3 Single), Jaylen Seale (1-3 Single), Austin Shaw (2-2 Double, Single) and Georgie Grey (1-2 Double). Pitching for Tri-K were Seale (2K), Renzo Mayfield (2K), Cameron Dela Cruz (3K), Shaw (3K), Grey (2K). Watson (5K), Porath (6K) and Kiptyn Bleuer (6K) took the mound for Paradise. Great way to start the season boys!

Tuesday, April 25th
Bleuer Farms 7, City Wide Mattress 7
What a game! City Wide took the lead early in the bottom of the 1st but Bleuer Farms did not give up. In the top of the 6th, London Shopkin hit a 2 run homer which started Bleuer's 5 point rally. City Wide came to bat in the bottom of the 6th knowing they were down and that it was their last chance. Joey Chiappini hit a grand slam to tie the game. Stats for Bleuer Farms: Eli Worthington (0-3, 3K), London Shopkin (1-1, 2BB, 5K, HR, 3RBI), Jase Cook (2-2, BB, 1RBI, 4K), Will DeWalt (0-2, BB, 3K), Joe Burks Jr (0-1 2BB, 1 RBI), Frank Bertino (0-2, BB, 1RBI), Austin Eckert (0-1, 2BB, 1RBI). Stats for City Wide: Joey Chiappini (3-3, GS/HR, 4RBI, 3K), Tyler Ebel(1-3, 2RBI, 2K), Braylin Caldwell (0-1, BB, 4K), Rylan Walsh (1-2, 1K), Johnny Partidge (1-2, 1 RBI, 6K).

Monday, April 24th
Carey Financial 7,
Bedingers Bullpen 1
Stats for the game: Pitching for Carey's Meyer 3k, Klein 3k, Robles 2k, Marlow 3k, E. Carter 3k, Janeczak 2k. Hitting for Careys were Meyer 1-2 (Dbl 2 rbi), Marlow 1-2 (triple rbi), E. Carter 1-2 (DBL, rbi), Janeczak 1-1(rbi), R. Carey 1-1, and G. Carlson 1-2. Pitching for Bedingers were Denton 5k, Workman, Bachman 3k, Castagnoli 6k. Hitting for Bedingers were Rauen 1-2 and Denton 1-2 (rbi).


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