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Pinto Baseball

Pinto Commissioner: Mike White
  Team Name: Coach:
P2  Troutman Excavating Coach Celeski
P3  Stonbriar Enterprises  Coach Fronek
P5  Pizza 4 U Coach Eaton
P1  Lion's Club Coach White
P4  Bleuer Farms Coach Walters
P7  Comfort First Coach DiMayo
P6  DNJ Coach Gonzalez


Tuesday, September 29th
Troutman Excavating 11
, Stonebriar Enterprises 3

Monday, September 28th
Pizza 4 U 11
, Comfort First 6 In the top of the first, Macklin Holford hits a single bringing in Silas Eaton, who is also having a successful season, getting on base 24 of the last 28 at bats. Pizza 4 U was looking for more big hits, but Comfort First had other ideas and on the very next play they made a fantastic catch and double play to end the inning. Kyle Laken opened the bottom of the first with 3 up and 3 down. Invigorated by that play, Pizza 4 U came out swinging with Mason Condon hitting a single, but Comfort First quickly squashed the momentum. Kyle Laken back at the mound with 4 up and 3 down. Into the third inning we go with a score of 1 - 0, Pizza 4 U favor. With bases loaded Kyle Laken smacks a 2 RBI double with Mason hitting a monster 2 RBI triple. River Allen would complete the inning with an RBI single. Sophia Eaton on the mound, striking out 2 batters, but Comfort First's Gunner Latarewicz and Zac Rogers had other ideas. Gunner would hit an RBI single and Zac a 2 RBI single to end the inning. In the top of the fourth, Alex Teiber hit a hard grounder to the pitcher for the first out. Later on, with bases loaded, Kyle Laken hit a 1 RBI single. Going into the bottom of the fourth inning, Alex Teiber would make his pitching debut, recording his first strikeout, but not before Bryce Baker smacked a single off him. Later in the inning, Mason Condon would take over. Blaauw, ready to start a rally for Comfort First, would get beaned bringing in Jax Morales. Gabriel would hit a single that was scooped up by Mason Condon and sent over to Macklin Holford, who stepped on second for the second out. Mason would strike out the final batter to end the inning Pizza 4 U 11, Comfort First 6.

Saturday, September 26th
Stonebriar Enterprises 11
, vs Pizza 4 U 9

Thursday, September 24th
Troutman 7, Pizza 4 U 7

What a Game tonight folks! The excitement was felt on the field by the players, the fans, and coaches. The game was extraordinary from both sides with plays being made, pitching duels, and hits everywhere. As one parent described it, this felt like playoff baseball and boy did those kids have fun out there. River Allen for Pizza 4 U started on the mound, but was unable to fool any of the initial Troutman hitters. With bases loaded Blake Laken made Pizza 4 U pay with a 3 RBI double. Jake Mrozek would smash an RBI triple bringing in Blake Laken from second base. River gathered his composure striking out the rest of the Troutman batters and stranding 3 runners on base putting Troutman ahead 4 - 0. Pizza 4 U wasnít shy about taking on Troutman lefty, Gavin Paxon. Gavin had a difficult time dialing in on Silas Eaton, but recovered throwing Macklin Holford out with a ground ball near the plate. There was some confusion if the ball was fair or foul, but it was ultimately ruled a fair ball. Pizza 4 U started itís rally when Kyle Laken hit an RBI single followed by Collin Haake and Mason Condon each with their singles, but Gavin attempted to squash the rally by striking out Kannon Mayer. River Allen picked up where the others had left off, hitting a RBI single followed by Alex Teiber with a monster 3 RBI double up the center to end the inning in Pizza 4 Uís favor 5 to 4. That monster of a hit had the Pizza 4 U crowd on their feet! Some beautiful pitching by Gavin Paxson and good bats by Pizza 4 U. Macklin Holford took the mound for inning number 2, striking out the first two hitters right away. Gavin Paxson helped himself getting aboard with a walk, and Wyatt Celeski drove him in with a single. Macklin struck out Jake Mrozek to end the top of the second with a tied 5 - 5 score. In the bottom of the second, Wyatt Celeski came in to quiet the bats of Pizza 4 U recording 3 strikeouts and one walk. Macklin Holford stepped back on the mound for Pizza 4 U in the top of the 3rd, striking out the first batter, but hitting Jack Sluga with a fierce fastball. Ben Adelman hit one back up to Macklin who fielded to Kannon Mayer at first base for the second out. In the zone, Macklin struck out the final batter to go into the bottom of the third and stranding Jake Sluga and keeping the score tied. Wyatt Celeski remained on the mound in the bottom of the third for Troutman. He walked the first two batters. However, with the pressure on and determination in his eyes, Kyle Laken stepped to the plate, smacking a ground ball that would be fielded by Gavin Paxson at first base for the first out, but not before Silas Eaton crossed the plate. Collin Haake would also hit a single, but was caught for the second out. Mason Condon felt some of Wyattís heat with a fastball to his face mask, however, Wyatt recovered gracefully striking out his next batter to close the inning, Pizza 4 U 6 - Troutman Excavating 5. The Pitching duel between Macklin Holford and Wyatt Celeski was great to watch as both are fierce competitors. Stepping on the mound for Pizza 4 U was Silas Eaton, who immediately struck out his first batter but walked the next two. Gavin Paxson hit a single to score his brother Liam Paxson and PJ Lanssen. Wyatt Celeski, having a great game, hit a double to the outfield. Zach Hulbert up next, and hit a deep in-field pop-up to second base. Macklin Holford turned into superman making a spectacularly difficult catch while stumbling. If that wasnít enough excitement already, he then ran to second base barely beating Wyatt to make an unassisted double play while still trying to gain his footing! The crowd roared and cheered. Troutman still walked away with 2 additional runs, taking the lead 7 - 6. On the hill to start the top of the fourth was Blake Laken for Troutman, Blake struck out the side creating 3 quick outs and keeping Troutman in the lead. But Kyle Laken, Blakeís cousin, was determined not to go down without a fight. Shooting some laser beams Kyle struck out his cousin Blake and the rest of the heart of the order for Troutman. The score remained Troutman 7, Pizza 4 U 6. Blake remained on the hill, opening with a strikeout. Sophia Eaton, next at the plate, would have a great at bat, ultimately getting aboard and stealing her way around to third base. Blake had a difficult time dialing into Silas Eaton as well, walking him on a full count. The game had become intense as the sun slowly set in. The battle between Macklin and Blake was once again at the forefront with foul tips, balls, and strikes. The count got to 3 and 2, but Blake ultimately prevailed for the second out. Tension and excitement reached new highs, on both sides, as Kyle Laken stepped up to the plate giving Blake a menacing look. All eyes were on the Lakens once again. So far, Kyle has managed to best his cousinís stellar performance. Kyle once again smacked a single up the middle. Blake managed to stop the ball, but was unable to get his hands on it quick enough to beat Kyleís freight train like speed and momentum to first base, scoring Sophia Eaton in the process and moving Silas Eaton to third base. The score was now tied 7 each! Blake recovered striking out the next Pizza 4 U batter to end the inning. Everyone was eager to head into the 6th inning and it was expected by both sides to be the fiercest battle yet, but mother nature started to creep up and due to safety, the umpires called the game. Everyone wanted to see another inning, however, we all respected the umpires decision and this one ended in a tie folks! Troutman Excavating 7, Pizza 4 U 7. Great game! Both Celeski and Eaton felt it was important to honor the players' hard fought battle by collaborating on this write up. We, the coaches, staff, and crowd could not have been prouder of the players as this was definitely a thriller and great all around game!

Tuesday,September 22nd
Stonebriar Enterprises 14
, Bleuer Farms 6

Monday, September 21st
Troutman Excavating 15
, Bleuer Farms 11
This one was cut short due to daylight. Troutman Excavating got the bats going early in the first putting up 5 runs led by Blake Laken, Jake Mrozek, Zack Hulbert and some great discipline at the plate by Declan Church, Jake Sluga a nd Ben Adelment. Troutman 5 - 0. Bottom of the first Troutman Excavating was off to a rough start with a precise strikezone. Walked in 4 runs. Troutman 5 Bleuer Farms 4 at the end of the first. Second inning started off with a walk by Nolan Bullis to be scored by a Wyatt Celeski double and a Blake Laken home run. 8 - 5 Troutman end of the top of the first. Bats were not moving for Bleuer Farms they continued to get on base but Wyatt Celeski got some composure and got three outs . 8 -8 Tie game bottom of the second inning. Top of the 3rd inning Troutman Excavating kept their composure and loaded the bases with Liam Paxon at the plate hitting a single that scored 5 more for Troutman Excavating. 13 - 8 Troutman at the end of the top of the 3rd. Pitching was tough during the game with mother nature pressing both teams to hustle up and get the game as it started to get dark. Zach Hulbert in the bottom of the third came in and struck out the side. Bats were hard to come by in this one for both teams tonight as everyone struggled to get the bats off their shoulders tonight. Top of the 4th inning Troutman put up 2 more runs leading the charge was Jake Mrozek with a 2 run triple to add to the lead making it 15 - 8. To close it out Bleuer Farms kept the bats still waiting for strikes. With Jack M getting on with another walk and Adam Quast aboard Connor Walters hit a single scoring two more for Bleuer Farms. Ultimately Mason Patanzales got aboard but the pitching of Troutman Excavating kept the bats quiet in the bottom of the 4th as mother nature had other plans and called the game due to darkness. Final score Troutman Excavating 15 - Bleuer Farms 11.

Saturday, September 19th
Troutman Excavating 8
, Lions Club 5

Pizza 4 U 11, DNJ 2
It was a fairly quiet first inning as both team's defense came to play. Kyle Laken struck out 2 of 5 batters and a beautiful catch off from Williams for the final out. DNJ returned the favor, striking out 2 and throwing out Kyle on at first for a 0 - 0 score. In the top of the second, Silas Eaton fielded the ball at first base to make an out, while Kyle Laken struck out 2 of 4 batters, with no runs brought in. DNJ would again return the favor striking out 3 of 5 batters keeping the score tied at 0. With Mason Condon on the mound and bases loaded, Matt Sarnecki hit a pop fly to second base where Kannon Mayer made a show stopping catch to prevent any runs for the first out. River Allen came to the mound for Pizza 4 U, and Michael Williams hit a 2 RBI single. River Allen quickly adjusted striking out the next 2 batter to go into the bottom of the third. Pizza 4 U's Kyle Lake would hit a hard grounder for an RBI base hit in the bottom of the third. The inning ended Pizza 4 U - 5, DNJ - 2. River Allen kept the heat on in the top of the fourth striking out 3 of 5 batters. Kannon Mayer hit a single and quickly stole his way into scoring position for Sophia Eaton's RBI single. DNJ would strike out the next 3 batters to end the fourth inning 6 - 2. On the mound for Pizza 4 U, was Silas Eaton. Matt Sarnecki, Michael Williams, and David Moreno all hit singles loading the base for DNJ. But Silas Eaton was determined to end the inning perfect striking out the next 3 batters and stranding the runners. With time still left, Pizza 4 U came to life in the bottom the 5th inning. First it was Collin Haake with an RBI single, Kyle Laken followed suite getting an RBI single. Silas Eaton then smashed a ball into the outfield for a 2 RBI double and finally Kannon Mayer hit a RBI single to end the inning 11 - 2.

Thursday, September 17th
Lion's Club 9
, Pizza 4 U 5

Wednesday, September 16th
Stonebriar Enterprises 11
, Comfort First 5

Tuesday, September 15th
Bleuer Farms 7
, DNJ 3

Monday, September 14th
Troutman Excavating 19
, DNJ 3
Beautiful night for some baseball in Channahon. Troutman Excavating remains perfect with a 10-0 record. Starting out the first inning at the plate Troutman quickly loaded up the bases with Wyatt Celeski, Zach Hulbert and Blake Laken. Up next for Troutman is Jake Mrozek with a rope of a line drive double to clear the bases. With Jake Mrozek at second base it was Jake Sluga's turn at the plate and he drives a pitch to left field. End of the top of the 1st Troutman brought 5 across the plate.

Starting out for DNJ was Mclellan who hit a ground ball only to be thrown out by Wyatt Celeski from Second base to Jake Mrozek at first base. End of the first inning 5- 0 Troutman. To start the second inning PJ Lanssen gets aboard the basepath with a single, to move PJ along was Nolan Bullis with another single. Wyatt Celeski at the plate with first and second hits a scorching ground ball up the middle and with the blazing speed of PJ Lanssen and Nolan Bullis rounding the bases scoring. Zach Hulbert hit the ball back to the pitcher for out number two and leaving Blake Laken and Jake Mrozek on the basepath to end the inning. Score 8-0 Troutman. Second inning the bats were started by Matt Sarnecki with a single followed by R. Stanish and Shroeder, scoring Sarnecki from first, bottom of the second inning was ended with Troutman up 8-1. Staring on the mound for Troutman was the lefty Nolan Bullish, and he came to pitch today striking out 3 batters, walking Williams from DNJ, who will later score by a Sarnecki single. Some beautiful strikes were thrown by the lefty striking out the last hitter for the third out. R. Stanish started on the mound for DNJ in the third however the bats and discipline of the Troutman hitters were able to score 5 runs . Leading the charge was Declan Church and Jake Mrozek and Jakub Sluga. The 4th inning started out the battery combination of Liam Paxson on the mound and his brother Gavin Paxson behind the plate. Liam struck out the first two batters he faced and had some serious intensity glaring back to the plate after each pitch. However facing his cousin, Brandolino, Gavin Paxon, the catcher called for a pitch just a bit too inside and Liam sent his cousin down to first base with Brandolino reaching first getting hit on the pitch. Liam would walk the next hitter, and give a single to Williams and almost a beautiful lazer thrown to Gavin from Wyatt Celeski in left field to just miss throwing out Brandolini scoring at the plate. Liam stayed focused and struck out the remaining batter. End of the 4th inning Troutman 14 DNJ 3. The top of the 5th the Troutman hitters had their bats swinging, starting a single from PJ Lanssen a walk from Nolan Bullis and Liam Paxson. Wyatt Celeski cleared the bases with a Triple scorching ball down the left field line to the wall. Blake Laken added a single only to have Jake Mrozek clear the bases with a Home run. Score Troutman 19 DNJ 3. Headed to the mound was Zach Hulbert to close it out for Team Troutman. Zach Hulbert threw blazing strikes past the D n J hitters to end the game, striking out the side. 

Troutman Excavating notables: Jake Mrozek 4-4 HR, Wyatt Celeski 3-3 triple, and BB, Jake Sluga 1-2 HBP and BB, Declan Church 2-2 HBP, PJ Lanssen 2-3 

DNJ Notables: Matt Sarnecki 2-3, R. Stanish 2-3, S. Stanish 1-2

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